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Vi lyfter ditt företag!
Marknadsplan anpassad för just ert företag med bakgrund genom de senaste tekninkerna inom Marketing Automation för Industrin.

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Henrik Rudberg
031-31 34 370
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Dansered 306
43892 Härryda
Västra Götalands county
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Founded: 2018
Employees: 2
Welcome to Cnvert Sweden AB!

Your training partner in the manufacturing or training industry!

Do you want to maximize sales in the most efficient way possible while maintaining maximum professionalism and ethics? Then we are the right choice for you.
We specialize in improving your sales processes through sales automation, AI and tailored planning and coaching.

Cnvert is also behind the leading Sales Robot and Lead Machine Otto®, the customer follow-up system Commend-Me and Feedback Cards which provide customer feedback, more customer reviews and better Google Reviews as well as the sales tools Decision-Assistant® and BizCase.Net.

Cnvert is completely focused on customer acquisition and customer satisfaction and helps our customers get more customers, more customer topics, more closings, happier customers, more testimonials and customer references and we do everything as automated as possible so that it is really efficient.

We work with both B2B and B2C companies on effective customer purchase tracking tools to get genuinely lucrative ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google reviews and business-driven customer reviews that elevate your business and strengthen your customer acquisition strategy.

In addition, we go deep into the B2B side where we are truly experts in sales automation and our focus here is to help companies become more successful in getting the most effective sales plan, process and automation for their individual industry.

Our main core value and strength is that we promote relationships and interactions: Between ourselves, with our customers and our partners, between both technology and psychology.

We at Cnvert are a group of dedicated and passionate people with different backgrounds in sales, marketing, psychology, pedagogy and software knowledge, brought together by a common vision of wanting to create the best possible help for companies to get more leads, get more leads and to get to spend time on what gives the most for the moment.

Originally established in 2008 as Sonician UK Limited, the business has been run since 2018 by Swedish Cnvert Sweden AB. The software and web services that underlie the fact that we can achieve so much with so little are based on more than 50 man-years of development behind it.

Welcome to contact us!

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Milena Cvetic
073-508 94 85
Henrik Rudberg
031-31 34 370


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