About cookies

Cookies are short pieces of data that is stored on your computer. Generally cookies are used to adapt the websites to your intrests and previous choices or preferences.

There are two types of cookies. Regular cookies saves data for a limited time, and is used to save your preferences for the website. The second type is called Session-cookies. These always expires when you close your browser.

Are cookies secure?

Yes. Cookies are text-files and can't contain any viruses. The files are small and browsers only allows a limited amount of cookies on your computer at the same time. Because of that there is no risk the memory runs out just because you allow cookies.

Use of cookies on Industritorget.com

Industritorget.com uses regular cookies to:
Automatically fill in forms with your contact-info which you've entered at a previous occasion.
Count the number of daily visitors.
Identify which Company-servers that are being used to visit Industritorget.

Industritorget.se uses Session-cookies to:
Handle user-info when you're logged on to a user account on Industritorget.

Disable cookies

Your browser can be configured to automatically deny the use of cookies or to inform you if a website uses cookies. To be able to log on to a user account on Industritorget.com you are required to allow the use of Session-cookies on the site.
Read more about cookies on wikipedia.