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The way we communicate online is constantly changing and in recent years, video material has been a fact for companies to reach out on social media and succeed digitally. Never before has the amount of video material been produced as it is today and the demand for video content is getting bigger and bigger!

Today, 80% of our internet consumption consists of video and video content. This is not strange because it is 60,000 times faster for our brain to take in information that is in moving material compared to in text.

Video content has therefore become a matter of course when it comes to digital marketing. Not only does it create the opportunity to capture the attention of customers in an easier way, but it also provides the opportunity to tell their story/message in an entertaining and informative way!

We at Industritorget will help you from start to finish with the production of video material. Fill in your contact details below and we will contact you shortly and tell you what your company film could look like!

Corporate video for Storebro Industrier Nya AB

Corporate video for RG Mekaniska AB

Corporate video for Protite AB

Corporate video for Peikko Sverige AB

Corporate video for LG Verktyg AB

Corporate video for Verktyg & Press i Anderstorp AB

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