Banking, Finance & Insurance

Analysis and advice
Banking and finance
Other banking, finance & insurance

Craftsmen & Construction

Construction worker
Construction machine operator
Supervisor in building, construction and mining
Concrete worker
Well driller
Building and ventilation sheet metal worker
Civil engineering in building and construction
Flooring installer
Rough laborer in building and construction
Miners and quarry workers
Engineer and technician in construction
Insulation installers
Crane operator
Cooling and heat pump technicians
Scaffold builder
Roof installers
HVAC installer
Other building & construction workers
Precision mechanic
Glass technician
Leather craftsman
Manual surface finishers, wood

Engineering, computing

Computer systems manager
Research and development manager
Production manager, manufacturing
Database administrator
Computer systems security manager
System manager
Network technician
Service technicians, computer systems
Constructor, electric power
Quality engineer/ mechanical engineer
Mechanical engineer
Product engineer, machinery
Service engineer, machine
Process engineers, chemical engineering
Service technician, machine
Operations technician, IT
IT security specialists
Software and system developers, etc.
Support Engineer
System analysts and IT architects, etc.
System tester and test leader
Webmasters and web administrators
Other technology & data

Finance, administration, personnel

Financial manager
Financial manager/ head of finance
Sales manager
Purchasing manager
Personnel manager
Company developer
Market analyst
Marketing assistent
Market analyst
Company accountant
Personal assistent /PA
Financial assistent
Office cashier
Salary /wage assistent
Chief byeur
Order administrator
Project manager
Back office staff etc.
Insurance sellers and insurance advisors
Administrative and organizational lawyers
Group leader for office staff
Informants, communicators and PR specialists
Debt collectors and pawnbrokers, etc.
Office receptionists
Management and organizational developer
Broker in finance
Personnel and HR specialists
Planners and investigators, etc.
Claims adjuster and valuer
Telephone operators
Other finance & administration
Office assistant
Office manager
Marketing Coordinator
Economics, personnel training

Industrial designer

Industrial designer
Other designer

Installation, Service, Maintanance

Engine repairer
Distribution electrician
Operations technician
Industrial electrician
Installation and service electrician
Motor vehicle mechanics and vehicle repairers
Process supervisor, chemical industry
Process supervisor, metal production
Maintenance mechanics and machine repairers
Other operating technicians/ process supervisors
Other service workers
Service technician

Machine tool operators

Milling machine worker
Sparking machine operator
Vending machine maintenance operator
Automated welder
Driller, metals
FMS- operator
Metal embosser
Metal saw operator
Metal printer
Plate cutters
Lathe operator
Workshop mechanics, allround
Supervisor in manufacturing
Rock blaster
Vehicle assemblers
Hand packers and other factory workers
Varnishers and industrial painters
Machine operators, bleaching, dyeing, and washing
Machine operators, cement, stone and concrete
Machine operators, pharmaceuticals
Machine operators, rubber industry
Machine operators, paper goods industry
Machine operators, plastics industry
Machine operators, filling, packing and labeling
Machine operators, surface treatment
Carpenters and machine operators, wood industry
Machine setters and machine operators, metalwork
Fitters, electrical and electronic equipment
Assemblers, metal, rubber and plastic products
Assemblers, wood products
Operators in sawmills, planers and plywood, etc
Prepress techniques
Process operators, paper
Process operators, pulp
Process operators, stone crusher, ore processing
Grinders, etc.
Stonemasons, etc.
Steel construction assemblers /sheet metal workers
Welders and gas cutters
Press operator
Sheet metal worker
Rolling mill operators
Tool maker
Other machine / process operators, steel, metal
Other machine operators, food industry, etc.
Other installers
Other process and machine operators
Quality/Measurement Technicians

Managers and Executive Director

Managers in architectural & engineering operations
Managers in banking, finance and insurance
Managers in trade
Chief official within interest organisations
Operations managers, build, construction, mining
Economic and financial managers
Property and administration managers
Research and development managers
Sales and marketing managers
Administration and planning managers
Information, communication and PR managers
Purchasing, logistics and transport managers
IT managers
Personnel and HR managers
Production managers in manufacturing
Managing directors and others
Other administration and service managers

Metal worker, maintenance worker

Blasting machine operator
Foundry man
Gas cutter /shearer
Welding operator
Building plate worker
Industrial plater
Ventilation plate operator
Heavy plater
Steel construction assemblers
Diving instructor
Quality inspector, metal products
Plane operator,metal
Cutter, metal
File cutter
Tool maker
Workshop production
Industrial electrician
Other metal handlers repairers

Miscellaneous machine operators

Industrial lacquer applier
Surface treatment workers, metal
Jet moulding setter
Rubber product worker
Plastics worker
Vehicle mechanician
Mechanician, metal-, rubber- and plastic products



Process operators, steelworks
Operator, blast furnace
Rolling mill operator
Process operators, thermal treatment
Extruded metal worker
Wire extruder
Casting, moulding/ operator
Process operators, chemical industry
Industrial process controller operator
Other process operators

Sales, costumer service and office jobs

Office worker/clerk
Orders clerk
Telesales staff
Sales manager
Receptionist, telephonist
Warehouse worker
Warehouse manager
Logistics assistant
Stock controller / logistics manager
Shop assistant, specialist trade
Event and travel producers, etc.
Event sellers and shop demonstrators, etc.
Purchasers and procurers
Purchasing and order assistants
Customer service staff
Market analysts and marketers, etc.
Marketing and sales assistants
Market researchers and interviewers
Travel salesman
Freight forwarders and transport brokers
Selling store managers / department managers
Other intermediaries
Account manager
Machine salesman

Sanitation and cleaning

Car reconditioners, window cleaners, etc.
Cleaning and recycling workers
Remediation workers, etc.
Other sanitation & cleaning

Technical work

Architects and others
Civil engineering, logistics, production
Civil engineering professions in electrical
Civil engineering professions, mining, metallurgy
Civil engineering professions chemistry, chemical
Civil engineering professions, mechanical
Property manager
Flight engineer
GIS and mapping engineers
Engineers / technicians in electrical engineering
Engineers / technicians, chemistry, chemical
Engineers / technicians, mechanical engineering
Engineers and technicians in industry
Engineers / technicians mining and metallurgy
Laboratory engineers
Planning architects and others
Technician, car diagnostics, medical technology
Other civil engineering occupations
Other technical work

Transport and machine operators

Bus drivers
Lorry driver
Car driver
Crane operator
Machine operators / drivers
Truck operator
Supervisor in warehouse and terminal
Dock workers
Warehouse and terminal staff
Machine commander
Ramp staff, movers and stock fillers, etc.
Transport manager and transport coordinator
Other transport & machine driver

Work without requirement of vocational training

Office cleaner
Caretaker /janitor
Sales assistant
Warehouse worker
Tractor driver
Consignee of goods
Delivery supervisor
Warehouse clerk
Delivery manager
Terminal worker
Warehouse planner
Dock worker
Other education without requirements