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Google Ads via Industritorget is a strategic and effective marketing solution. We specialize in helping companies primarily in the B2B and industrial sectors to reach a high-quality target group and increase their visibility online. By combining the power of Google Ads with us at Industritorget, you as an entrepreneur have the opportunity to get help reaching out on Google, which is the world's largest search engine. But also get the opportunity to take advantage of our 20 years of expertise when it comes to online advertising in B2B and industry.

Industritorget, web agency for Swedish industries

Industritorget is the obvious partner for companies active in B2B and Sweden's industrial sector. We strive to help Sweden's industries maximize their digital visibility, achieve their business goals and reach out to their target audience. With our extensive expertise in marketing and understanding of industrial challenges, we are ready to support your business on the road to success.

We specialize in marketing towards the industrial sector

Our journey started in 2001 with which today is Sweden's most visited industrial site. Ever since the start, we have focused on helping industrial companies succeed online, this is competence we have taken with us when we expanded our services to build websites, SEO services and Google ADs. When you hire us, you can count on:

Target group-adapted strategies - We know that every company in the industrial sector is unique. That's why we design tailor-made marketing strategies tailored to your industry and the needs of your target audience. We help you reach the right people at the right time.

Google Ads expertise - Our expertise in Google Ads enables your business to be seen by potential customers when they are actively searching for industrial products or services. We optimize your advertising budget to maximize ROI and results.

Measurable results - We are focused on delivering measurable results. Through accurate conversion tracking and data-driven analytics, we ensure that every marketing penny adds value to your business and increases your digital presence.

Geographic targeting - For businesses that operate at a regional or local level, we can customize your campaigns through geotargeting to reach exactly the areas that are relevant to you.

Creative ad design - Our creative team creates compelling ads and messages that engage your audience and put your business in the spotlight.

Extensive industry knowledge - We understand the specific challenges and opportunities in Sweden's industrial sector, which allows us to offer tailor-made solutions that are adapted to your needs.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is Google's paid advertising model. With it, you can reach your target audience by appearing at the top of search results when relevant keywords are used. Google Ads uses PPC (pay per click), which means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. It provides control over your marketing budget and costs associated with actual interaction.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing for Sweden's industries, we have a deep understanding of the target group, their behavior and interests. This increases efficiency and reduces the cost per click of your advertising, making your budget more profitable and bringing you more leads.

What are the different types of advertising types through Google Ads?

There are several different types of advertising through Google Ads, each targeting different audiences and buying behaviors. Within each segment of Google Ads there are also several specific types of ads. Here we describe some of the most common:

Search ads are the text-based ads that appear at the top of search results when people search for services or products. They are created with enticing titles and informative text linked to relevant keywords and search phrases.

Google Shopping ads are suitable for businesses with a product portfolio and an online shop. These ads include images, prices, and direct links to specific products, facilitating the purchase decision for users.

Display ads use images, moving or interactive elements to reach your audience. These ads appear on sites within the Google Display Network, which reach a large percentage of Internet users. Display ads are ideal for engaging past visitors or specific audiences with visually attractive content.

Industritorget is your reliable partner for navigating the digital marketing world. With our help, you can increase your online presence, attract qualified leads and drive growth for your industrial company. Contact us today to discuss how we can strengthen your market position and maximize your success in Sweden's industries.

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