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Founded: 1986
Employees: 10
Trukki Timlin is family company and expert in used forklifts with 40 years of experience. We are specialised in top quality refurbished forklifts. We have a large selection of good quality forklifts for a fast delivery around Skandinavian countries. All the machines listed are available for sale. Please check our list and find a good solution for your material handling needs. We will be happy to serve you in all the questions.

Our main services include the sale and rental of forklift trucks.

Can a used forklift be better than a new one?
With almost four decades of experience, we select the best machines from our partners in Europe. The forklifts we buy are always in good condition and have been driven a little. All forklifts are serviced, fixed, tested and undergo a comprehensive inspection program. The forklifts are in almost new condition, but the price is clearly cheaper than new. The forklifts are always sold or leased to the customer with warranty and right of exchange.

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Mikko Timlin
+358 40 964 9567