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Founded: 1998
Employees: 30
Welcome to Tracwest Oy

Rentti is a leading provider of new and used construction and forestry machinery with a strong presence in the Finnish market. With a rich heritage and a passion for supporting our customers in the construction and forestry industries, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for businesses and professionals in need of high-quality machinery and equipment.

Our Range:

We offer a comprehensive range of machinery that caters to all the needs of construction and forestry work. Our range includes:

New Construction Machinery: We are distributors of leading brands in the industry and offer the latest models of excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and other construction machinery. Our machines are known for their performance and reliability.

Used Machinery: For customers with budget constraints, we provide a wide selection of used machinery in excellent condition. Our experienced team ensures that all used machines are thoroughly inspected and in working order.

Our Expertise:

We have years of experience in the industry and in-depth technical knowledge of our products. Our customers can expect professional advice and support to select the right machine for their specific projects and needs.


We are committed to promoting sustainable practices within the construction and forestry industries. Therefore, we also offer environmentally friendly options and solutions that reduce the impact on the environment and enhance the overall sustainability of the industry.

Our Goal:

Rentti always aims to deliver high-quality machinery and outstanding service to our customers. Our goal is to be the foremost source for construction and forestry machinery in Finland and to support the success of our customers.

Welcome to explore our range and experience our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to being your trusted partner for all your machinery needs.

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The company's services/products

Contract machines: sales: Adjustment beams, Agricultural machinery, Asphalt cold milling machine, Asphalt heater, Asphalt machine accessories, Asphalt milling machines, Asphalt works, Bale equipment, Bale spear, Banddumpers, Big bag lift, Big bale lift, Boom lifts, Box turner, Building crane, Bush cutter, Car lifts, Carts, Control system, Crane arms, Cranes, Cranes accessories, Crawler excavators, Crushers, Demolition excavator, Digging machines, Dumpers, Excavation system, Excavator, Extension forks, Fairway Mower, Feed rollers, Fertilizer grabs, Forestry machinery, Fork stand, Forks, Graders, Gripper, Gripper equipment, Grippers, Handling equipment, Lawn mower, Lifts, Loader, Loader, Loaders special, Long excavator, Material handling arms, Midi excavators, Mini excavators, Minidumpers, Mining trucks, Mobile crane, Port cranes, Potato Forks, Quick mounts, Rail track crane, Ranger hook, Recycling machines for tarmac, Reserve parts, Road building machines, Rollers, Rototilt, Round bale gripper, Scissor lifts, Self-standing cranes, Silage gripper, Silo grippers, Skylifts, Smaller tarmac machines, Sorting works, Spreader, Stone breaker, Stone gripper, Sweepers, Tarmac cutter, Tarmac heating container, Tarmac laying machine, Teleporter, Tiltrotators, Tool adapters, Tool holder, Tools & equipment, Track loader, Tractors, Trailers, Truck scale, Warning light roof, Wheel loader, Wheel loader scale, Wheeled excavators
Wood processing machines: hiring: Abrasive brush machines, Automatic spray guns, Blade grinders wood, Boardhandlingsystem, Briquetting press, Chip presses, CNC- machines wood, Coating machine, Combined machines wood, Crosscut saws & saws, Debarking tool, Drilling machines wood, Drum sanding machines, Edge polishing machines, End tongue machine, Flaking machines, Gluing machines, Knife system chip, Knot - & timbering, Lathes wood, Milling machines wood, Mitre cutting shears, Planers, Planing benches, Polishing machines wood, Profile polishing machines, Rod milling machine, Saw mill equipment, Saw mill machines, Square saws, Veneering machine, Wood chopping machines, Woodworking tool




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