Toyota Material Handling Sweden AB

Mailing address
Box 6021
17154 Solna
Visiting address
Solna Gate, Hemvärns­gatan 9
17154 Solna
Stockholms county
Organization id:
Founded: 1946
Employees: 435
More than 100 years of combined material handling excellence
- Welcome to Toyota Material Handling Sweden AB.

Toyota Material Handling Sweden is Sweden's leading supplier of trucks and related services such as truck service, spare parts supply, rental, financing and driver training.

Our solutions for safer and more efficient material handling are complemented by auto trucks,
I_Site fleet management as well as analysis and advice.

Available wherever you are - locally and globally to solve your needs. We are part of Toyota Material Handling Group, with sales and service networks in more than 30 countries in Europe. We belong to a large global group but work locally close to you as a customer.

Welcome to contact us!

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Patrik Näslund
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Att jobba som servicetekniker på Toyota Material Handling Sweden

Att jobba som servicetekniker på Toyota Material Handling Sweden
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