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Founded: 1999
Employees: 200
Welcome to SURPLEX GmbH

Surplex is one of Europe's leading industrial auctioneers and trades worldwide in used machinery and industrial equipment. The 16-language auction platform records approx. 50 million page impressions per year. More than 55,000 industrial goods are sold annually at over 500 online auctions - be it a hand tool or complete production lines. Top brands include DECKEL MAHO, AMADA, SIEMENS, TRUMPF, MORI SEIKI etc. Surplex emphasizes full service from a single source and supports buyers and sellers at every step of an auction. Surplex experts are available to answer any questions, from the evaluation of the machines to payment and shipping. The company is based in Düsseldorf and has offices in fifteen European countries. More than 200 employees from 20 nations generate an annual turnover of more than 100 million euros. is your ideal partner for buying and selling used machinery.

Services & Products
We sell various machines from a wide range of sectors such as metal, wood and construction. We support sellers and buyers with a competent all-round service. From the evaluation of the machines, to sales, marketing, shipping and payment, we support you every step of the way.

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The company's services/products

Machines: sales: 3D printer, Agricultural machinery, Air pressure machines, Asphalt cold milling machine, Asphalt heater, Asphalt machine accessories, Asphalt milling machines, Asphalt works, Assembly machines, Autogenous cutting plant, Automatic screw cutting lathe, Balancing machines, Balredskap, Balspjut, Band bending machines, Band saws, Banddumpers, Barrel drum, Belt sanders, Bending machines, Bending rolls, Blast machines, Boom lifts, Boring machine, Bowl feeder, Building crane, Buskröjare, Cable processing machines, Car lifts, Carts, Case erectors, Casting machines, Chamfering machine, Chippers, Cleaning machines, Cleaning machines, Cleaning plant / filtersystem, Cold chamber machine for high-pressure die casting, Cold-rolling machines, Compressors, Compriming engines, Contract machines, Control system, Cranes, Cranes accessories, Cranes and Lifting Equipment, Crawler excavators, Crushers, Cutting Machines, Demolition excavator, Digging machines, Dosing machines, Dressing machine, Drilling carriages, Drilling Machines, Drying equipment, Dumpers, Eccentric presses, Edge folding machine, Edge press tools, Edging press, Electric machines, Electric motor & generators, Electromechanical machines, Elevators, Elictrical plant & Generators, Ensilagegrep, Enveloping machines, Excavation system, Excavator, Exhaust & Fans, Feed rollers, Feeding mechanism, Filling machines, Floor cleaning machines, Floor sweepers, Forestry machinery, Förlängningsgafflar, Freezing machines, Furnaces/ Ovens, Gaffelställ, Gafflar, Gear Machines, Gluing-on machine, Gödselgrepar, Graders, Graduating machine, Gräsklippare, Grepar, Grinding Machines, Gripare, Gripper feed, Griptillsatser, Grönytemaskiner, Grooving machine, Handling equipment, Heat treating machines, Hjullastarvåg, Honing machines, Hydraulic presses, Induction heating, Induction machines, Industrial gears, Industrial pumps, Injection molding machines, Insulation machines, Justeringsbalkar, Keysetters, Kranarmar, Lådvändare, Lapping machine, Laser cutting machines, Lathes, Lever machines, Lifting table, lifts, Loader, Loader, Loaders special, Long excavator, Machine equipment, Machine screw parts / pieces, Machining Centers, Magnetic drills, Material handling arms, Measuring Machines / Instruments, Midi excavators, Milling Machines, Mills, Mini excavators, Minidumpers, Mining trucks, Mobile crane, Multi-tools, Nibbling machine, Other, Packing machines, Pallet loader, Pallet nailing machines, Paper making machines, Pellet machine, Pipebending machines, Plane, Plasma cutting machine, Plastic manufacturing machines, Polishing machines, Port cranes, Potatisgrepar, Presses, Printing machines, Punching machine, Quick mounts, rail track crane, Rangerkrok, Recycling machines, Recycling machines for tarmac, Redskapsadaptrar, Reel, Reserve parts, Riveting machine, Road building machines, Robot spare parts, Robots, Roller / Cylinder feeder, Rollers, Rollformers, Rolling machines, Rotary tables, Rotatory machine, Rototilt, Rundbalsgrip, Saws, Scissor lifts, Sealing machines, Self-standing cranes, Shears, Sheetmetal Working Machines, Shrinkage tunnels, Silogrepar, Skylifts, Smaller tarmac machines, Sorting works, Spare equipment, Spark /Sparking machines, Special purpose machines, Spreader, Stenbrytare, Stengrep, Storbalslyft, Storsäckslyft, Stretch film machine, Stud machines, Surface feeder, Surfacing machines, Table feeder, Taping machines, Tapper, Tarmac cutter, Tarmac heating container, Tarmac laying machine, Teleporter, Terminal processing machines, Tiltrotators, Tool holder, Tools & equipment, Track loader, Tractors, Trailers, Transport operators, Truckvåg, Truing device, Vacuum machine, Vacuum pumps, Vibration measurers, Vibrators, Vibratory feeder, Warning light roof, Washes, Waste equipment, Welding / welds, Wheel loader, Wheeled excavators, Wire working machine, Wood treatment machines, Worm conveyor, Wrapping-machine
Machining: 3D-cutting, 4-axis machining, 5-axis machining, Additive manufacturing, Automatic bar lathing, Automatic lathe, Boring, Broach, Broach, Burring, CNC-processing, Cog/ Tooth milling, Crosscut sawing& sawing, Cupping, Cutter, Drilling, Ejector drilling, Electrical discharge drilling, Engraving, branding, Extended turning lathe, Fine mechanics, Flat bed milling, Hard lathing, Honing, Keygroove drawing/ extrusion, Knurling, Lapping, Laser ablation, Laser branding / Marking, Laser burring, Laser drilling, Laser sintering, Lathe machine, Making of holes, Manipulation rate, Manual milling, Manuel turning, Manuel vertical milling, Miscellaneous machine processing, Mobile lathing, Mobile line boring, Mobile milling, Mobile processing, Multi-operational turning lathe, Multi-operational work, Paralleling, Pipe /tube lathe, Portal milling, Rifle drilling, Sink sparking, Slot drilling, Splined cutting, Straight milling, Thread cutting, Thread repairs, Thread rolling, Toothing plane, Vertical mill, Wire sparking
Wood treatment machines: sales: Atomizer sprinkler, Bordssågar, Briquette presses, chip breaker, Circular milling machines, CNC-Machines wood, Combi machine, wood, Cross cutting & saws, Curtain coating machines, Cutter grinding machines, Debarking tool, Dressing machines, drill, wood, Drum sanding machines, fire control system, Firewood machines, Flaking machines, Flange grinding machine, wood, Knife system chip, Knot & Carpentry, mitre plane, Planing benches, Planing machines, Polishing brush machines, Profile polishing machines, Sanding machines, Saw mill, Saw mill equipment, Sorting installation, Square saw, Surfacing machines wood, Tonguing machines, Turning lathe machines, wood, Veneering machines, Wood treatment tools

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