OCS Overhead Conveyor System AB

Mailing address
Storm­gatan 9
50464 Borås
Västra Götalands county
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Founded: 1995
Employees: 50 (120 globalt)
With its headquarters in Borås, one of Sweden’s and Europe’s leading textile and fashion cities, OCS has a history from the 1960s as a specialist in overhead conveyor systems for the clothing manufacturing industry. Since 1993, when OCS as it is today started, however, the market has expanded considerably with focus on the automotive, aerospace, bicycle and surface treatment industry. Today, we are working on a global scale with clients worldwide and presence in many parts of the world.

The foundation for OCS’s success is control of our own production in Sweden, but above all our friction-based patented technology for hanging conveyors. A technology that enables us to offer modern industry solutions that are clean and oil-free, ergonomic and quiet, and highly flexible for fast changes. Furthermore, our long experience has given us a strong position as lean production specialists, through which we help our customers to create the most optimal solution.


EN 1090-1 EXC3 – ISO 14001:2016 – ISO 9001:2016


Kenth Almqvist
+46 33 23 34 48
Christer Lundgren
+46 33 23 33 83
Jesper Strand
+46 33 23 33 85
Patrick Djerf
Business Development Manager


Ocs 500 Overhead Conveyor för vertikalt lantbruk

Ocs 500 Overhead Conveyor för vertikalt lantbruk
OCS 150 Overhead conveyor system
OCS 500 friction-based overhead conveyor