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The company's services/products

Assemblage: Machine assembly, Mechanical montage / assembly, Steel montage
Contract machines: hiring: Lifts
Contract machines: sales: Adjustment beams, Agricultural machinery, Asphalt cold milling machine, Asphalt heater, Asphalt machine accessories, Asphalt milling machines, Asphalt works, Bale equipment, Bale spear, Banddumpers, Big bag lift, Big bale lift, Boom lifts, Box turner, Building crane, Bush cutter, Car lifts, Carts, Control system, Crane arms, Cranes, Cranes accessories, Crawler excavators, Crushers, Demolition excavator, Digging machines, Dumpers, Excavation system, Excavator, Extension forks, Fairway Mower, Feed rollers, Fertilizer grabs, Forestry machinery, Fork stand, Forks, Graders, Gripper, Gripper equipment, Grippers, Handling equipment, Lawn mower, Lifts, Loader, Loader, Loaders special, Long excavator, Material handling arms, Midi excavators, Mini excavators, Minidumpers, Mining trucks, Mobile crane, Port cranes, Potato Forks, Quick mounts, Rail track crane, Ranger hook, Recycling machines for tarmac, Reserve parts, Road building machines, Rollers, Rototilt, Round bale gripper, Scissor lifts, Self-standing cranes
Shovels (Other buckets, Planning buckets), Silage gripper, Silo grippers, Skylifts, Smaller tarmac machines, Sorting works, Spreader, Stone breaker, Stone gripper, Sweepers, Tarmac cutter, Tarmac heating container, Tarmac laying machine, Teleporter, Tiltrotators, Tool adapters, Tool holder, Tools & equipment, Track loader, Tractors, Trailers, Truck scale, Warning light roof, Wheel loader, Wheel loader scale, Wheeled excavators
Contract work,machine: Building & construction work, Building contract work, Cable work, Line work, Materials handling
Financing & Credit information: Other
Holding tools: Angle- and control apparatus, Angle plate, Angle-head, Collet, Combination hammer, Cutter chuck, Cutting table, Drill chuck, Drilling stand, Drilling table, Face plate, Gripper, Hydraulic chucks, Lathechuck, Live centre, Mechanical lifting tools, Mortar rake, Pneumatic lifting tools, Powerbuilt socket, Pull pin, Pulley axle, Robotgripper, Roller tools, Rotating table, Schuck, Screw cutting tool, Screwdrivers, Steady rest, Stud tool, Tool carrier, Tool holder, Tool turret, Torque wrench, Tube tools, Vacuum lifting tool, VDI-holder, Work-holder
Industrial trucks: sales: 4 wheel-drive truck, Accessories for industrial trucks, Automated truck, Collapsible stand, Containertruck, Electric trolley, Foot stand, Fork truck, Fork truck, Forklift truck, Forklift truck, Forklift truck-sitting, Forklift-carrier plate, Forklist truck- standing, High-level lifting truck, Industrial truck wagon-bridge, Industrial wheel tractor, Narrow gauge, Other, Pallet trolley, Pile / Stack hinge, Piler truck, Reach stacker, Semi-trailer, Side loading truck, Sorting trolley, Telescopic truck, Terminal tractor
Machines: sales: 3D printer, Air pressure machines, Assembly machines, Autogenous cutting plant, Automatic screw cutting lathe, Balancing machines, Band bending machines, Band saws, Barrel drum, Belt sanders, Bending machines, Bending rolls, Blast machines, Boring machine, Bowl feeder, Cable processing machines, Case erectors, Casting machines, Chamfering machine, Chippers, Cleaning machines, Cleaning machines, Cleaning plant / filtersystem, Cold chamber machine for high-pressure die casting, Cold-rolling machines, Compressors, Compriming engines, Contract machines, Cranes, Cranes and Lifting Equipment, Cutting Machines, Dosing machines, Dressing machine, Drilling carriages, Drilling Machines, Drying equipment, Eccentric presses, Edge folding machine, Edge press tools, Edging press, Electric machines, Electromechanical machines, Elevators, Elictrical plant & Generators, Enveloping machines, Exhaust & Fans, Feeding mechanism, Filling machines, Floor cleaning machines, Floor sweepers, Freezing machines, Furnaces/ Ovens, Gear Machines, Gluing-on machine, Graduating machine, Grinding Machines, Gripper feed, Grooving machine, Heat treating machines, Honing machines, Hydraulic presses, Induction heating, Induction machines, Injection molding machines, Insulation machines, Keysetters, Lapping machine, Laser cutting machines, Lathes, Lever machines, Lifting table, Machine equipment, Machine screw parts / pieces, Machining Centers, Magnetic drills, Measuring Machines / Instruments, Milling Machines, Mills, Multi-tools, Nibbling machine, Other, Packing machines, Pallet loader, Pallet nailing machines, Paper making machines, Pellet machine, Pipebending machines, Plane, Plasma cutting machine, Plastic manufacturing machines, Polishing machines, Presses, Printing machines, Punching machine, Recycling machines, Reel, Riveting machine, Robot spare parts, Robots, Roller / Cylinder feeder, Rollformers, Rolling machines, Rotary tables, Rotatory machine, Saws, Sealing machines, Shears, Sheetmetal Working Machines, Shrinkage tunnels, Spare equipment, Spark /Sparking machines, Special purpose machines, Stretch film machine, Stud machines, Surface feeder, Surfacing machines, Table feeder, Taping machines, Tapper, Terminal processing machines, Transport operators, Truing device, Vacuum machine, Vacuum pumps, Vibration measurers, Vibrators, Vibratory feeder, Washes, Waste equipment, Welding / welds, Wire working machine, Wood treatment machines, Worm conveyor, Wrapping-machine
Machineservice & repair: Electrical service/ repair, Hydraulic service/repairs, Machine assembly, Removal
Machines-renting: Cleaning machines, Container, Contract machines, Crane trucks, Factory machines, Generators, Lifting equipment, Lifts, Loader, Robots, Scaffolding, Welding / welds, Working sheds, Workshop machines
Personnel outsourcing: Mechanic worker, Plant facility work, Service/repairs, Transport / Machine drivers
Product development/construction: Construction of plate detail, Electro-mechanical construction, Mechanical construction, Miscellaneous construction, Steel structural work, Structural iron
Recycling: Broken iron, Collection and management, Metal recycling
Rental: Industrial premises, Property leasing, Rental of industrial tents, Rental of land, Rental of modules, Rental of storage tents, Rental of warehouses, Rental of work sheds, Sale of cupel & sheets, Sale of modules, Sale of work sheds, Sales of warehouse / storage, Tarpaulins, Tent, Warehouses
Service, repair & maintenance: Industrial service, Machine installations, Mechanical maintenance, Property management, Service, Repair of Construction machinery, Service,repair & maintenance
Transportation & forwarding: Barn transport, Cartransports, Express transport, Heavy transports, Industrial, machinetransports, Liftingtransports, Machine removal, Machinetransports, Material handling, Piece goodstransports, Unloading
Transportvehicle services & repairs: Delivery van, Heavy-duty trailers, Light trailers, Lorries / Trucks, Minibuses, Other, Pickups, Trucks
Transportvehicle: sales: Accessories and spare parts, Boat trailers, Boats, Buses, Cement trucks, Chassier, Chip trailers, City buses, Coaches, Containertrailer, Containertrucks, Crane lorries, Curtain canopy, Curtain trailers, Delivery van, Electric cars, Flatbed trailers, Heavy-duty trailers, Hook trucks, Horse box, Lift dumper, Lift truck trailers, Light trailers, Light trucks, Light vans, Line buses, Livestock transport, Livestocktransports trailers, Load geat trucks, Loading gears, Lorries / Trucks, Machine transports, Minibuses, Other, Passenger cars, Petrol trucks, Pickups, Semi trailers, Tank cars, Timber trucks, Timber wagons, Tippers, Tipping trucks, Towed machine, Towing truck constructions, Towing trucks, Trailers, Trailers, Trucks, Van refridgerating / heating unit, Van refridgeration / heating unit, Vans, Vans, Vehicle transport trailers, Wagon trucks, Woodchip cars
Vehicle equipment: Drawer unit frames, Drawer units, Interior/mobile workshops, Interior/service vehicles, Shelves, Tyre machines, Vehicle interior, Vehicle lifts, Wheel installation machines
Wood treatment machines: sales: Atomizer sprinkler, Briquette presses, Chip breaker, Circular milling machines, CNC-Machines wood, Combi machine, wood, Cross cutting & saws, Curtain coating machines, Cutter grinding machines, Debarking tool, Dressing machines, Drill, wood, Drum sanding machines, Fire control system, Firewood machines, Flaking machines, Flange grinding machine, wood, Knife system chip, Knot & Carpentry, Mitre plane, Planing benches, Planing machines, Polishing brush machines, Profile polishing machines, Sanding machines, Saw mill, Saw mill equipment, Sorting installation, Square saw, Surfacing machines wood, Table saws, Tonguing machines, Turning lathe machines, wood, Veneering machines, Wood treatment tools


Carl-Johan Sandvärn
Per-Eric Sandvärn