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Fågel­vägen 8
87371 Nyland
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Fågel­vägen 8
87371 Nyland
Västernorrlands county
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Founded: 1965
Employees: 14
Nordtrafo AB is a well-established family company, founded in 1965. We are located in the middle of Sweden, in the scenic High Coast, where our business has been around since its inception over 50 years ago. Our strength lies in our great know-how in rapidly developing fully customized transformers while offering a broad standard range.

We manufacture customized current transformers, 1-phase and 3-phase transformers, and Hexatransformers, we also perform service and repair transformers. Our deliveries are well-known fast and we always keep what we promise. We also carry out the assembly of complete appliance cabinets with the components that the customer wishes. In addition, we provide the customer with advice and help with which products are most suitable for each unique need and requirement. Whether it’s design, transformer size or supplier. If you want a supplier who takes overall responsibility all the way from manufacture, operation and maintenance, Nordtrafo is a safe card. All of this has resulted in a high demand both within the country and abroad of our products and services.


Andreas Sjöholm
070-656 47 97