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Mattias Lindh Automation AB,

- Your automation Consultant.
I have worked with automation since 1997, and during this time I have accumulated extensive knowledge within the field of industrial automation. My career started at IndustriTeknik in Hässleholm AB, a company that specialises in developing custom made machines and production lines for the manufacturing industry. In February 2006, I began employment with Pöyry in Kristianstad where I served as an automation consultant. I have also executed commissions for clients such as: IndustriTeknik, Dux, Aoutolv, TetraPak Processing and FMC FoodTech (present name JBT FoodTech).
The assignments employed to me by Pöyry and IndustriTeknik involved contact with both Swedish and international clients. These employments recquired my expertise in system layout, PLC , PC, SCADA and HMI programming. They also recquired onsite servicing , and the documentation and troubleshooting of control systems for machines and production lines. In January 2017, I started my own automation consulting company, known as Mattias Lindh Automation AB.

* PLC programming.
* HMI programming
* Vison systens
* Motion Control

We are a platform-independent systems integrator.
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