L.B. Truck Service ApS

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Dalagervej 27
7884 Päls
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Founded: 1980
Employees: 12
Welcome to L.B. Truck Service

At LB Truck Service, we offer both sales and leasing of new and used trucks. In addition, we work with service and repair of used trucks, so here too we can be helpful with our experience and competence.

Used petrol car
We will be happy to help you with the right petrol car, get in touch or send us an email

Used diesel car
If you are in need of a used diesel car, we are happy to help, you are welcome to call us

Used electric machine
If you need help finding the right electric machine, we are ready

Used manual forklifts
We would like to help you if you are on the men's plan, we can be easily contacted

Used spare parts
If you are in need of a used spare part, feel free to contact us, send a carrier pigeon if you have one ;)

Used truck equipment
We occasionally have used truck equipment, you are welcome to contact us

Used differently
We have a lot of variety in this group, if you need anything just click on the thread

Used warehouse equipment
If you need equipment for the warehouse, we may be able to help you, just get Mobillos

Welcome to contact us!


Søren Bro
+4522 49 34 36