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Founded: 1998
Employees: 1-10
Welcome to Läänemaa Truck Centre

Läänemaa truck center is a family business that has been around for over 25 years. In addition to Estonia and the neighboring countries, both private and business customers have been gathered for several decades. Long-term experience ensures reliable cooperation and a flexible approach to each customer's needs.

Our core business is the purchase and sale of trucks and their equipment, but we also carry out truck conversions. We also offer a "turnkey" solution for the sale and purchase of heavy equipment, that is, we help with the purchase of new machinery from start to finish. Läänemaa truck center is also an official distributor of Hüdroscand in western Estonia.

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The company's services/products

Contract machines: sales: Adjustment beams, Agricultural machinery, Asphalt cold milling machine, Asphalt heater, Asphalt machine accessories, Asphalt milling machines, Asphalt works, Bale equipment, Bale spear, Banddumpers, Big bag lift, Big bale lift, Boom lifts, Box turner, Building crane, Bush cutter, Car lifts, Carts, Control system, Crane arms, Cranes, Cranes accessories, Crawler excavators, Crushers, Demolition excavator, Digging machines, Dumpers, Excavation system, Excavator, Extension forks, Fairway Mower, Feed rollers, Fertilizer grabs, Forestry machinery, Fork stand, Forks, Graders, Gripper, Gripper equipment, Grippers, Handling equipment, Lawn mower, Lifts, Loader, Loader, Loaders special, Long excavator, Material handling arms, Midi excavators, Mini excavators, Minidumpers, Mining trucks, Mobile crane, Port cranes, Potato Forks, Quick mounts, Rail track crane, Ranger hook, Recycling machines for tarmac, Reserve parts, Road building machines, Rollers, Rototilt, Round bale gripper, Scissor lifts, Self-standing cranes, Silage gripper, Silo grippers, Skylifts, Smaller tarmac machines, Sorting works, Spreader, Stone breaker, Stone gripper, Sweepers, Tarmac cutter, Tarmac heating container, Tarmac laying machine, Teleporter, Tiltrotators, Tool adapters, Tool holder, Tools & equipment, Track loader, Tractors, Trailers, Truck scale, Warning light roof, Wheel loader, Wheel loader scale, Wheeled excavators
Transportvehicle: sales: Accessories and spare parts, Boat trailers, Boats, Buses, Cement trucks, Chassier, Chip trailers, City buses, Coaches, Containertrailer, Containertrucks, Crane lorries, Curtain canopy, Curtain trailers, Delivery van, Electric cars, Flatbed trailers, Heavy-duty trailers, Hook trucks, Horse box, Lift dumper, Lift truck trailers, Light trailers, Light trucks, Light vans, Line buses, Livestock transport, Livestocktransports trailers, Load geat trucks, Loading gears, Lorries / Trucks, Machine transports, Minibuses, Other, Passenger cars, Petrol trucks, Pickups, Semi trailers, Tank cars, Timber trucks, Timber wagons, Tippers, Tipping trucks, Towed machine, Towing truck constructions, Towing trucks, Trailers, Trucks, Van refridgerating / heating unit, Van refridgeration / heating unit, Vans, Vans, Vehicle transport trailers, Wagon trucks, Woodchip cars
Vehicle equipment: Alcolocks, Alcometer, Arm support, Arm support solutions, Breathalyzer, Car accessories, Car diagnostic equipment, Car spare parts, Cardecore, Container solutions, Controls, Cupboards & doors, Drawer unit frames, Drawer units, Electronic driving log, Exhaust system, Extra long boxes, Fleet management solution, Floor & wall, Gables and braces, Interior/mobile workshops, Interior/service vehicles, LED Headlights, Load carrier system, Measurement system, Module system, Module-cogo, Mountmaking Materials, Rear-view camera / Reverse camera, Retractable undercarriage, Route planning, Shelves, Spare parts, Spigots, Tank lid, Thermal camera, Tool carts, Tool panels, Towbars, Turbocharger, Tyre machines, Vehicle alarm, Vehicle interior, Vehicle lifts, Washing equipment, Wheel installation machines, Window decoration, Window film, Workbenches, Working fluid


Hindrek Heilu
+372 506 4431