Instrument & Calibration Sweden AB

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Box 28
33221 Gislaved
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Åbjörns­gatan 2
33221 Gislaved
Jönköpings county
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Founded: 1994
Employees: 8
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We are a company of good repute established in 1997 in Gislaved, Sweden. Our journey began in the rubber business where we sold, serviced and calibrated rheological instruments and tensile testing machines in the Scandinavian market. Over time our offers and market span has expanded and evolved. Today we are present in every market and we offer equipment for all type of testing. Our strength and our core business is our accreditation. We are accredited and approved by SWEDAC and thus we meet and comply with the requirements of ISO 17025. Our scope of accreditation includes field calibration within mass, force, length, hardness and temperature. Together we help you with your unique testing needs and the challenges you are facing.

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ISO 4545 – ISO 48-9 – ISO 9513 – ISO/IEC 17025 – SS-EN 17025 – SS-EN ISO 6506-2 1999 – SS-EN ISO 6507-2 1998 – SS-EN ISO 6508-2 1999 – SS-EN ISO 7500-1 – SS-EN ISO 9513 2002


Mirza Jaskic
+46-371 84 701
+46-705 58 48 37
Henrik Svanfors
0371-847 05


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