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Lång­gatan 20
54130 Skövde
Västra Götalands county
Organization id:
Founded: 2016
Employees: 1
Welcome to INDUSTIA AB!

INDUSTIA - Your e-commerce choice for industrial supplies.

Our newly started e-commerce and the company INDUSTIA AB (559076-7827) are wholly owned by the parent company Lagerfors Invest AB (559182-9667). The group has 35 years of experience in sales of industrial supplies.

Our business concept is to provide products with high demands on both practical and technical content and great added value for our customers. We have direct contact with all our suppliers without costly intermediaries and are constantly looking for news that helps the end customer to work faster and more efficiently.

Our ambition is to maintain the highest possible service level through fast and complete deliveries via a well-organized logistics system.
The goal is for the business relationship between INDUSTIA and our customers to be favorable for both parties.

All sales of our products take place via our website or through contact with our staff.

YOU should always feel that you are welcome with both questions and feedback!

A warm welcome to INDUSTIA!

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