HYBE industrial ovens AB

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Frövi­vägen 20
57933 HÖGSBY
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Af Harmensväg 25
57076 RUDA
Kalmar county
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Founded: 1994
Employees: 1
Largest in Sweden on industrial furnaces
More than 200 new / used ovens in stock.

We sell, buy, convey and rent all types of industrial furnaces.

Do you need a new oven?
We import all kinds of industrial ovens good quality at the right price.

HYBEi has the comet needed to find good industrial furnace suppliers
because we have built industrial furnaces ourselves for over 25 years. (See our old website). http://ovensforglass.com

During our 24 years in, we have built a workshop and stock plant of approximately 6 500 sqm.

Contact us if youstock. want to buy or sell.

Welcome with your request. CEO and owner.
Peter Olsson

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Peter Olsson
070-24 703 45