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18440 Åkersberga
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Såg­vägen 38 F
18440 Åkersberga
Stockholms county
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Founded: 1966
Employees: 8
Welcome to Green Metall AB.

Green Metall AB was started in 1966.
From the beginning, the focus was the manufacture of road signs.
Today, we are mostly a contract manufacturing company that manufactures and
and delivers everything from components to complete solutions according to our
customers' specific needs and wishes.
We often solve the entire need for the customer:
production adaptation, manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly & possibly trial run.

Thanks to a long experience in the sheet metal & engineering industry
combined with a faithful and knowledgeable staff lies the competence
at a very high level. Because of that, we also have the opportunity to i
consultation with our customers help with various construction solutions
and production adjustments. We handle 2D & 3D cad.


Roller coasters, signs, laundry trolleys, various braces & fasteners, welding, assembly
are examples of products that are currently manufactured at Green Metall AB

Welcome to contact us!


Marcus Henriksson
08-540 237 00
Ronnie Green
08-540 237 34
08-540 237 00