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Welcome to Essentra Components AB

We are the only ones to have a manufacturer's competence and flexibility as well as a distributor's service and range
Essentra Components is a global market leader in injection molded plastic, die-cast vinyl and metal components. We have been around for over 65 years and produce important components in a large number of industries and applications.

Our highest priority is to make it easier for our customers. That is why we are active internationally in 29 countries 4 continents. With every order, we offer a hassle-free experience thanks to our 14 manufacturing facilities, 34 distribution centers and 40 sales and service points.

We have over 45,000 standard parts and one of the world's most comprehensive product ranges, which can be sent directly for fast delivery.

Our product range includes covers / plugs and plugs, wire and cable handling, flange protection, knobs, handles and grips, fittings, circuit board hardware and electronics.

If you are designing a prototype, we offer free samples and CAD drawings of our standard parts. For your customized projects, we can develop and manufacture solutions for your needs, including prototypes and 3D prints.

Why Essentra Components?
We have shown our expertise as a manufacturer for over 65 years. Our components are found in almost all industrial applications.

In fact, we solve customers' challenges every day in industries such as equipment manufacturing, the automotive industry, industrial electronics, manufacturing, medical technology products, renewable energy, production machinery, the construction industry and agriculture. In addition, we can support many new industries with our large product range.

We are the only ones to have both the manufacturer's competence and flexibility and the distributor's service and range. This means that we can support your project with whatever you need, whenever you need it.

We do it hassle-free for you

We are proud of our hassle-free service from start to finish. Providing our customers with solutions is at the heart of everything we do.

Essentra Component's skilled customer team works hard to make it easier for you to find the right components for your project.

Watch our YouTube video in English to see how we offer a hassle-free service and help provide customers:

- Current product and distribution information
- Specialist knowledge of products for a range of industries and applications
- A solution-based service supported by a specialist platform

Welcome to contact us!

The company's services/products

Computer & Software: 2D-sketching tools, 3D sketches, 3D visualisation, 3D-CAD, CAD- software, CAD training courses, CAD/CAM-system, CAD-support
Electronic components: AC sources, AC/DC- transducer, Actuator, Adapters, Alarm panels, Avalanche diode, Battery system, Batterybackup, Cable drums, Cable equipment, Cable locator, Cable locator, Cable reels, Cable socks, Cable stand, Cable tools, Cable waggons, Cablechains, Cables, Central test system for emergency lightning, Channel rails, Charging poles (electric cars), Circuit breaker, Circuit breakers, Circuit-breaker, Combination guards, Condensators, Connector, Connector strips, Contact bars, Contact panels, Contactors, Control panel, Cooling of electronics, DC sources, DC/DC-transducer, Delay action fuse, Detectors, Digital display, Distribution boards, Distribution box, Driving system, Earth fault alarm, Earth fault breaker, Elbow contact, Electric cable, Electric circuits, Electric material, Electric motors, Electric strikes, Electrical switch-gear, Electricity converter, Electromagnetic components, Electromechanic components, Electronic loads, Electronics components, EMI- filter, Engine cables, Engines, Extension cords, Exterior light fixtures, Fan coil unit, Fan motor, Fitting, Float switches, Frequency meters, Fuse - fuse holder, Fuse resistance, Gas components, Glass-tube fuse, Heaters, Heating cables, High tension relay, High-tension condensators, High-tension diodes, Honeycomb filter, Inductors, Industrialcomponent, Inlet, Inspection camera, Installation hose, Interchangeable light source, Interior fittings, Junction box, Keypads, Keyswitches, Lamps, LED light fixtures, Light column, Light meter, Lighting, Lightning control, Lightning protection package, Limit switches, Locker buildings, Magnetic contacts, Magnetic field meter, Magnetic field meter, Magnetic field sensing, Magnetic valves, Manometer, Membrane switches, Micro switch, Microcircuit, Micro-dip, Microfan, Montage boxes, Motion sensor, Motor protector, Movement control, Multiway socket, Nesting, Opto switch, Panel meter, Pattern card, Perimeter security solutions, Piezo-electric material, Plugs, Position sensor, Power filter, Pressure sensor, Printed circuit card relay, Programmable power supply, Radio communication equipment, Radio control, Radio control system, Radio system, Regulating products, Regulators, Remote control, Remote release units, Resistors, Semiconductor relay, Sensors, Servo motors, Servomotors, Shielded hose, Shunt groups, Signal converters, Silicon boards, Slipring device, Socket, Socket apparatus, Softstarter, Spiral hose, Static frequency changer, Stop watch electromechanical, Stop watch mechanical, Strain gauge, Surge protection, Switched net unit, Switchregulators, Telecommunications protection, Telephone circuits, Testing equipment electricity, Thermofuses, Thermostat-bimetal, Thumb wheel, Transformers, Transient protection, UPS- systems, Wall boxes (electric cars), Work light
Products: Fastenings, Nail, screw & rivet, Tape, Tape holder


IATF 16949:2016 – ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 50001 – ISO 9001:2015


Mattias Ruudh
General Manager Nordic at Essentra Components
(+46) (0)31 10 50 00
Peter Sjögren
(+46) (0)31 10 50 00
Alexandra Rehbinder
+358 4 0123 9650


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