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Gävleborgs county
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Founded: 2020
Employees: 3
Welcome to Equipment Store Sweden AB

Everything under one roof - Over 100,000 products!

- Construction - Hauling - Agriculture - Workshop -

We at Equipment Store have a background in contracting and know that time is money, which is why we have collected an almost complete range for our customers, so you don't have to search. Even so, you get the advantage that everything will be on the same invoice, and you are sure that the invoices end up correctly.

We display a substantial proportion of our range here on our e-commerce, while we bring out certain products or customized solutions upon customer request.

We are extraordinarily strong in machine and vehicle accessories such as Oil, Adblue, Starter batteries etc. where we have very competitive prices and in some cases volume discounts. Don't miss taking an extra look there even if you are here on other matters.

For larger products such as tools, we always try to have the right price. However, you can always send in a quote request as transport costs can vary in our long country.

Remember that you can always reach us by phone or email both for questions and when ordering!

Contact us!

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Accessories, Separate nozzles, Service plugs, Service tools, Shaft, Shampoo and soap, Sheet metal working machines, Shelves and accessories, Shoes and boots, Short time and chemical protection, Short-term gloves, Shovels, Shower sprayers, Shower sprayers - Accessories, Side tipping bucket, Signs, Signs, Silicone, Silicone grease, Silicone joint, Silicone oil, Silicone removal, Silver steel, Single and extension ladders, Single-handed syringes, Sinker, Skin cleansing, Skirts and kilts, Sleeves, Small batteries, Small parts laundry, Smoother, Smoother, Snow gear, Soap and fragrance system, Sockets and socket tools, Socks, Solder - for brazing, Solder fume hoods, Soldering, Soldering, Solenoid valves, Soles, Solvent, Sound attenuation, Spades, Spark plug tool, Spatulas, Spatulas, Special batteries, Special buckets, Special lamps, Splicing cord and cable, Sponges and tablecloths, Spot welding electrodes with conical attachment, Spray paint, Spray plasterer, Spring steel, Spring strut press - Accessories, Spring tensioner, Stand, Staple tool, Start help, Starter battery, Starter battery Heavy Duty, Starter battery Super Heavy Duty, Starter cables, Stepladders, Stone breaker, Stone cutting machines, Storage, Storage bag, Storage boxes, Storage boxes, Storage system, Strut press, Suction plate, Sun protection, Super sticky grease, Surface cleaning, Surveying instrument, Switch, Table, Tactile signs, Taillight, Täljrok, Tape, Tape holder, Tarpaulins, Tea, Technical chemicals, Telescopic and combi ladders, Tension band, Test instrument, The aprons, The marker string, Thermometers, Thermoses, Thoughts, Thread locking, Thread machines, Thread oils, Thread oils, Thread sealing tape, Thread sealing/pipe sealing, Threading tool, Threading tool, TIG welding machines - Accessories, Tiger saws, Tile cutter, Tile fungus, Tile saws, Tile saws - Accessories, Tile spacers, Tile tools, Tile washing boards, Timer and RCD, Tissue tape, Toilet paper, Tool attachment, Tool bags, Tool belts and material pockets, Tool boxes, Tool fuse, Tool hooks, Tool kits, Tool mounts, Tool storage, Tools & Workshop, Tools Fall protection lines, Tooth scoop, Torque measuring equipment, Torque screwdrivers, Torque screwdrivers - Accessories, Torque tool, Torque wrenches, Track machines, Tractor/Compact Loader, Traffic and parking, Transmission and Gearbox oils, Transport trolley, Trash cans, Trays and accessories, Trestles and pallets, Tube laser, Turning tool, Two-handed syringes, Underwear, Universal agent-Marin, Universal bucket, Universal cleaning, Universal grease, Universal lubricant, Universal oil, Universal oil Teflon, Universal spray, Upper parts, UV glue, V block, Valve lifter, VA-Scoop, Vehicle accessories, Vehicle brushes, Vehicle lighting, Vehicle means, Vehicle safety, Velcro, Ventilation, Ventilation hoses, Vibration dampening, Vibration machines, Vinyl gloss, Vulcan tape, Walking shovels and hoes, Wall and hanging system, Wall and roof ladders, Wall mailboxes, Wallpaper tool, Wand vibrators, Warning clothing, Warning lights, Warning signs, Warning tape, Washer fluid, Washing tub - Accessories, Washing-up liquid, Waste bins and garbage bags, Waste oil collector, Water dispenser, Water hoses, Water jugs, Web, Wedges, Weekly mailboxes, Weighing, Welding, Welding electrodes, Welding equipment, Welding fume filter, Welding fume filter - Accessories, Welding gloves, Welding hoses, Welding rectifier, Welding rectifier - Accessories, Welding shields, Welding transformer, Welding wire and pipe wire, Well boxes, Well-being signs, Wheel lift, Wheel Loader Equipment, Wheel nuts, Wheel sides, White lithium grease with PTFE, Wind deflector, Window washing, Winter gloves, Winter maintenance, Wire, Wire, With electronics, Wood cutting tools, Wood machines, Wood protection products, Wooden ladders, Work gloves, Work lighting, Workplace, Workshop cranes, Workshop funds, Workshop measurements, Xenon lamps

The company's services/products

Contract machines: sales: Adjustment beams, Agricultural machinery, Asphalt cold milling machine, Asphalt heater, Asphalt machine accessories, Asphalt milling machines, Asphalt works, Bale equipment, Bale spear, Banddumpers, Big bag lift, Big bale lift, Boom lifts, Box turner, Building crane, Bush cutter, Car lifts, Carts, Control system, Crane arms, Cranes, Cranes accessories, Crawler excavators, Crushers, Demolition excavator, Digging machines, Dumpers, Excavation system, Excavator, Extension forks, Fairway Mower, Feed rollers, Fertilizer grabs, Forestry machinery, Fork stand, Forks, Graders, Gripper, Gripper equipment, Grippers, Handling equipment, Lawn mower, Lifts, Loader, Loader, Loaders special, Long excavator, Material handling arms, Midi excavators, Mini excavators, Minidumpers, Mining trucks, Mobile crane, Port cranes, Potato Forks, Quick mounts, Rail track crane, Ranger hook, Recycling machines for tarmac, Reserve parts, Road building machines, Rollers, Rototilt, Round bale gripper, Scissor lifts, Self-standing cranes
Shovels (Other buckets, Planning buckets), Silage gripper, Silo grippers, Skylifts, Smaller tarmac machines, Sorting works, Spreader, Stone breaker, Stone gripper, Sweepers, Tarmac cutter, Tarmac heating container, Tarmac laying machine, Teleporter, Tiltrotators, Tool adapters, Tool holder, Tools & equipment, Track loader, Tractors, Trailers, Truck scale, Warning light roof, Wheel loader, Wheel loader scale, Wheeled excavators
Machines: sales: Cranes, Floor sweepers, Vibrators
Products: Abrasive, Abrasive buff, Abrasive cloth /sheet / roll, Abrasive wheels, Absolent, Absorbents, Aerator, Aerials, Agitator, Air cooler, Air filter, Air treatment system, Angle polishing machine, Antistatic equipment, Articles of consumption, Automatic filter, Automatic screw cutting lathe, Bags & special furnishings, Balcony railings, Ball, Needle & Cylindar bearing, Ballast pockets, Band brush, Band-saw blade, Barns, Barrel (wooden) cask (iron), Barrel handling equipment, Batteries, Battery charger, Battery charging stations, Batterychanging system, Binding-in wire, Blanking tool, Blasting sand, Boat engines, Bobbins, Brakes, Buckets & canister, Buffing wheels, Building commodities, Building tools, Bunker feeder, Burglary protection, Bushings, Butt hinge, Cabin hooks, Cabinet, Cable, Calibration equipment, Canalsystem, Car body saw blade, Carbide drill, Carbide-tipped blade, Carpets, Cellular plastic, Central vacuum system, Centrifugal feeder, Chains, Chemical casing, Chemical storage, Chemicals, Choke tubes, Circular saw blades, Cisterns, Clamping rings, Clamping tools, Cleaning, Climatic system, Collision protection, Colour mixing room, Column rule, Compass saw blade, Compensators, Composite components, Composite fiber, Compositeband, Compressed- air tool, Concrete drill, Concrete equipment, Connections, Contact attachment, Container solutions, Containers, Conveyor accessories, Cooling system, Cooling water filter, Cranes and Lifting Equipment, Cylinders, Data logger, Defence, cover, Dehumidifier, Diamond slitting wheel cutting, Diamond tools, Digitalequipment, Dirt filter, Disinfection equipment, Door leaf list, Driver Seats, Drying system, Drying towls, Dump container vacuum cleaner, Dust filter, Earprotection, Edge ferrules, Edge protection, Edgelist, Electrical materials, Electromechanical products, Electromotors, Elictrical tools, Emulsions, Enviromental refuse sacks, Epoxy products, Equipment for moving material, Exhaust, Expandable disks, Expandable rubber, Expanded rubber, Expander system, Facade element, Fan room walls, Fastenings, Feed equipment, Female spline, Fence, Fibre circular blanks, Filter cabinet, Filter for liquids and air, Filter paper, Filtersystem, Filterunit, Fixture details, Flat filter, Flow meter, Fluoroplastic, Foamed plastic, Gas detectors, Gas generator, Gas meter, Gas oil accessories, Gas springs, Gasbooster, Gasscrubber, Gates, Glass products, Glue & Sealant, Glue equipment, Granulate, Graphiteproducts, Grease separator, Grinding material, Hand pumps, Hanging system, Head torch, Heart starter, Heaters, Heating system, High pressure cleaning, Hire of work clothes, Hole saw, Hollow cylinders, Hooks, Hooning tool, Hydralic tank, Hydraulcylinders, Hydraulic aggregate, Hydraulic tools, Hydraulics, Hygiene products, Industrial baskets, Industrial chemicals - raw materials, Industrial coating, Industrial fabrics, Industrial fans, Industrial gates, Industrial halls, Industrial sewing, Industrial sewing thread, Industrial vacuum cleaner, Industrialnet, Industry brushes, Insulating material, Interiors, Ionizing pipes, Laboratory equipment, Ladders, Lampposts, Laser instruments, Laser processing education, Lead batteries, Leaf stop*, Leak detector, LED headlights, Lifting equipment, Lifting trolley, Linear feeder, Loading pallets, Lock bar / Lever, Locks & Fittings, LPG installations, Lubricating equipment, Machine components, Machine emptier, Machine housing, Machine protection/ Machine safety, Machine saw blade, Machine skates, Machine wheels, Magnetic chucks, Magnets, Main pumps, Marking equipment, Mecatronics, Mechanical locksystems, Metering device, Milling saw, Mittens, Mixer, Mobile waves, Module system, Moisture trap, Mould lubricant, Nail, screw & rivet, Noice control, Noise protection, Office supplies, Officefurnitures / officefittings, Oil disperser, Oil filter, Oil mist filter, Oil smoke filter, Packaging, Packing wire, Paint, Pallet collars, Pallet racking, Pallet support, Paraffin, Parafin heater, Passage system, Passivation agent, Peg, Pickling cleansing agent, Pickling paste, Pickling products, Pins, Plain bearing, Plane disks, Plasma cutting equipment, Plaster products, Plastic bags, Plastic band, Plastic tanks, Plastic wrapping, Pliers and scissors, Pneumatic, Polishing paste, Polyesterband, Precipitator, Prepation of site a prescribed section, Pressing tool, Pressure filter, Pressure lift, Pressure testing equipment, Protection against corrosion, Protective clothing, Protective helmets, Puller, Pulley axles, Pump, Purge gas tool, PVC-curtain, Raw water filters, Rectifier, Reel stands, Regulation plant, Regulation ventilators, Regulators, Reserve power, RF-products, Rock drill, Rollcontainer, Rolling tools, Roof light dome, Roofing products, Ropes & cords, Rotary actuator, Rubberfenders, Rust-preventing package, Sandblasting sand, Saw blades, Scales & weighing systems, Screen walls, Screw jacks, Screwdrawer, Sealants & Packagings, Seals, Self-cleaning filter, Sheet, Shop tool, Shrinking tubing, Signs, Silo, Slitting wheels, Soldering bit, Soldering equipment, Sound insulating, Sound absorbers, Sound damper, Spark wire, Spindle system, Spiral bar, Spray nozzles & Holders, Spring feeder, Springs, Stairs & Racks, Starter motor, Stearine, Steel band, Steel cables, Step feeder, Stepping motors, Storage, Storage fittings, Storage fittings, Storage machines, Strap, Stretch film, Stud feeder, Suction cups, Surface polishing agents, Surface protection, Tanners mordant, Tape, Tape holder, Technical armature, Telescopic rails, Temperature control, Temperature meter, Temperature sensor, Tiger saw, Tiger saw blade, Tow chains, Transformer, Transmitter ,gauge, Transport operators, Trays, Trellis-fabric, Trolleys, Tube suspensions, Tumbling agent, Turbins, Turning house, Ultrasound & X-ray equipment, Vacuum components, Vacuumsystem, Vent valve, Ventilation system, Ventilators, Vibrating reed instrument, Vibration- and stop bolt damper, Vibration insulators, Vibration measurers, Wall radiator, Water filter, Water hydraulics, Water meter, Water purifying system, Waxes, Weather protection, Web cleaner, Weld material, Welding bar,wire, Welding booth, Welding electrodes, Welding gases, Welding pistols, Welding products, Welding rods, Welding table, Welding tools, Wheel/-linkwheel, Windows, Wire and accessories, Wire brushes, Work overalls & Work shoes, Working Place Equipment, Worm conveyor


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