Mailing address
Kävlinge­vägen 41
26194 Annelöv
Visiting address
Kävlinge­vägen 41
SE-26194 Landskrona
Skåne county
Organization id:
Founded: 2012
Employees: 24
ELBE Automatic, founded in the 80s by Bertil Erlandsson, is an established player in control technology, electrical installation and industrial automation. With steady growth, we have built up extensive knowledge and expertise, and today we are a leader in our field.

Our business, based in Annelöv on the Scanian plain, extends over 1000 square meters with potential for further growth. In 2012, Håkan Erlandsson took over management, which means continuity and renewal in our heritage.

With our location close to the dynamic development of the Öresund region, we are ready to meet the demands and challenges of the future in control technology and automation.


Emil Jespersen
+46 (0) 418 45 15 68