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Skebokvarn­vägen 370
12450 Bandhagen
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Skebokvarns­vägen 370
12450 Bandhagen
Stockholms county
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Founded: 1930
Employees: 16
Welcome to EIE Maskin AB,

EIE Maskin AB was founded in 1930 by the family Eie as a subsidiary to their Norwegian company N.A. EIE AS. EIE Maskin is a distributor of transmission components, linear systems and products to the pulp and paper industry.

The head office is located in Bandhagen, Stockholm, and one sales office in Gothenburg and Söderköping. Subsidiaries are located in Oslo, Norway, and Tammisaari, Finland. EIE Maskin is a member of the public group Indutrade AB.

In the domestic markets we have a wide range of customers even though machine designers are the most common. Through our exporting customers we deliver worldwide.

All our staff possess high technical skill combined with long experience. We customize solutions to suit customer needs.

EIE Maskin AS; Five employees that delivers transmissions- and linear components to Norwegian machine- and offshore industry. EIE Maskin AS through trade mark Elra; Delivers electronic components, electromechanical components and fastening materials for Norwegian industry.

EIE Maskin Oy; Four employees providing Finnish industry with transmissions and linear components and systems.


ISO 14001:2016 – ISO 9001:2016


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