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Founded: 1971
Employees: 4
For more than 50 years, BOTAB has supplied various forms of lifting equipment. Everything from small balance blocks for a few kilos of load to large traverses and gantry cranes up to 100 tons of load. Today, we mostly work with customized solutions for the automotive and engineering industries.
We have a wide range of wall and column mounted jib cranes. The cranes are delivered with C-profile or I-profile beams. Folding arm cranes are supplied for both wall and column mounting. We can also supply swivel cranes with electric rotary movement. Customized solutions are our specialty. Proposals and solutions are developed quickly and efficiently and are offered at a good price and with a short delivery time.
The Liftronic balance lifter is used for handling loads from a few kilos up to 320 kg. As standard, Liftronic equipment is equipped with a standard lifting hook, but it is often supplied with a customer-specific lifting tool designed and manufactured by BOTAB according to the customer's needs.
BOTAB has several partners where the French company VERLINDE supplies our crane components such as chain, rope and belt hoists, etc. From the Italian SCAGLIA INDEVA SpA comes the electronic balance lift LIFTRONIC and from AeroGo in the USA air cushion technology that makes your load hover over the floor. From the rest of the program, i.a. mention is made of vacuum yokes, hand chain blocks, balance blocks, joint stackers, line winches, permanent magnets, and so on.


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