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Munkeröds­vägen 27d
44432 Stenungssund
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Munkeröds­vägen 27d
44432 Stenungssund
Västra Götalands county
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Founded: 2014
Employees: 4
Blum-Novotest AB is located in Skövde for 4 years and is a wholly owned company of Blum-Novotest GmbH. We are responsible for service and sales in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Baltics.
Blum-Novotest GmbH develops and produces products within measurement technology for applications in cutting machining machines. We offer laser measurement systems and measurement probes for tool monitoring and measurement of workpieces. The company also provides sophisticated software for comprehensive manufacturing control as form control and surface smoothness measurement.
The family company Blum-Novotest was founded in 1968 by Günther Blum and is run by Alexander Blum today. The headquarters are located in the small south German town of Grüenkraut near Ravensburg. The Group has more than 500 employees worldwide, 300 employees at the factory in Germany, developing, designing and manufacturing all hardware and software in-house.


Lars Strungat
+46 (0)500 41 08 01
Henrik Eberdal
0500 41 08 20


BLUM Laser Measuring System LC50-DIGILOG

BLUM Laser Measuring System LC50-DIGILOG
Laser Tool Probing
Workpiece, roughness & tool measurement
Tool Setting Probe ZX Speed: Tool measurement
Touch Probe TC54-10 & LaserControl NT: Highest productivity and process reliability
LaserControl Micro Compact NT: Tool Measurement
Roughness measurement & analogue scanning on a steering knuckle
LaserControl NT-H 3D: Tool Measurement
Bore Gauge BG61: Cylinder bores