BK Library Interiors AB

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Bro­gatan 11
34251 Vislanda
Kronobergs county
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Founded: 2007
Employees: 12
Welcome to BK Library Interiors AB

BK Library Interiors, formerly Biketjänst Library Interiors, delivers complete solutions for new libraries as well as complements and modernizes existing ones. Together with our customers, we produce everything from unique libraries to traditional ones, create creative functional environments and meet the modern demands placed on the living library of the future. BK Library Interior's simple, clean design combined with good material choices makes our interior a natural and beautiful feature in the public space. We want to combine our products' superior design with equally good ergonomic properties. We are involved in creating vibrant libraries with exciting interiors according to the accessibility principle - a library for everyone.

We specialize in interiors for libraries in public environments, schools and universities and have one hundred years of experience in interior design in public environments and over 30 years in the library industry. Our shelf and counter systems are well known throughout the Nordic market.

BK Library Interiors' concept is "simple solutions with high quality". In addition to that, we also do everything to satisfy our customers' varying needs and wishes. We do this through our own carpentry factory, which is located wall-to-wall with the BK Library Interiors office. There we also produce our prototypes for the living library of the future.

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