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Founded: 2010
Employees: 12
Welcome to Apocca AB

APOCCA is an engineering company in automation, industrial electrical engineering and project management. We offer everything from consulting and feasibility studies to complete automation solutions including hardware, commissioning and service.

APOCCA currently has offices in Kristianstad, Malmö and Singapore. Together with MLK, we have 40 employees and our employees have extensive experience in their areas of expertise.

We are entering the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. Factories are being digitized to become more production efficient, flexible, competitive and have increased quality. Automation is the future and we are driving that development.

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The company's services/products

Computer & Software: Planning, PLC-system
Electromechanical workshop: Applicationprogram, Assembly on site, Automatic cubicle and switchgear, Automation equipment, Balancing, Blowing fan, blower set, Cable calculations, CAD-documentation, Centres, Central units, Connection equipment, Control and regulatory engineering, Control cabinet, Control panels, Drawing schedule, Earth return brush, EIB-Programming, Electric cartridge, Electric installations, Electric motor, generators, Electric motors rental, Electrical cabinet, cubicle, Electrical cabling, Electricity automation, Electricity meter, Electromagnetic lock, Electromagnets, Electronic construction, Electronic Service, Electronic tools, Electronicproduction, Energy control, Fault tracing, High voltage switching gear, Investigations, Low voltage switch gear, Maintenance of breaker, Maintenance responsibility, Manufacturing by contract, Mobile Balancing, New constructions, Optical fiber connection, Overtone measurement, PLC-Programming, PLC-System, Power contractor, Power converter rental, Power correcting equipment, Printed circuit card, Pumps, Relay testing, Relays, Reserve power station, Rewinding, Selectivity calculation, Static frequency changer, Static frequency changer rental, Switch cabine, Temperature recording, Test maintenance, Transformators, Transformer cladding, Transformers rental, Vibration analysis
Industrial automation: Assembly lines, Automation equipment, Automation system, Control system, Fixtures, Inspectionsystem, Press automation, Robot applications, Robot automation, Transport operating systems, Vision systems


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