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72182 Västerås
Västmanlands county
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Founded: 1931
Employees: 8795
ABB is a leader in technology for electrification and automation and enables a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company's solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, operated and controlled.

Based on more than 130 years of expertise, ABB's approx. 105,000 employees drive new innovations that accelerate the industrial transition.
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The company's services/products

Blacksmith & Plating work: Aluminum work
Calibration: Comparison calibration, Flow meter, Humidity calibration, Measuring instrument, System calibration
Electromechanical workshop: Applicationprogram, Assembly on site, Automatic cubicle and switchgear, Automation equipment, Balancing, Blowing fan, blower set, Cable calculations, CAD-documentation, Centres, Central units, Connection equipment, Control and regulatory engineering, Control cabinet, Control panels, Drawing schedule, Earth return brush, EIB-Programming, Electric cartridge, Electric installations, Electric motor, generators, Electrical cabinet, cubicle, Electrical cabling, Electricity automation, Electricity meter, Electromagnetic lock, Electromagnets, Electronic construction, Electronic Service, Electronic tools, Electronicproduction, Energy control, Fault tracing, High voltage switching gear, Investigations, Low voltage switch gear, Maintenance of breaker, Maintenance responsibility, Manufacturing by contract, Mobile Balancing, New constructions, Optical fiber connection, Overtone measurement, PLC-Programming, PLC-System, Power contractor, Power correcting equipment, Printed circuit card, Pumps, Relay testing, Relays, Reserve power station, Rewinding, Selectivity calculation, Static frequency changer, Switch cabine, Temperature recording, Test maintenance, Transformators, Transformer cladding, Vibration analysis
Electronic components: AC/DC- transducer, Actuator, Adapters, Alarm panels, Avalanche diode, Battery system, Batterybackup, Cable drums, Cable equipment, Cable locator, Cable locator, Cable reels, Cable socks, Cable stand, Cable tools, Cable waggons, Cablechains, Cables, Central test system for emergency lightning, Channel rails, Charging poles (electric cars), Circuit breaker, Circuit breakers, Circuit-breaker, Combination guards, Condensators, Connector, Connector strips, Contact bars, Contact panels, Contactors, Control panel, Cooling of electronics, DC/DC-transducer, Delay action fuse, Detectors, Digital display, Distribution boards, Distribution box, Driving system, Earth fault alarm, Earth fault breaker, Elbow contact, Electric cable, Electric circuits, Electric material, Electric motors, Electric strikes, Electrical switch-gear, Electricity converter, Electromagnetic components, Electromechanic components, Electronics components, EMI- filter, Engine cables, Engines, Extension cords, Exterior light fixtures, Fan coil unit, Fan motor, Fitting, Float switches, Frequency meters, Fuse - fuse holder, Fuse resistance, Gas components, Glass-tube fuse, Heaters, Heating cables, High tension relay, High-tension condensators, High-tension diodes, Honeycomb filter, Inductors, Industrialcomponent, Inlet, Inspection camera, Installation hose, Interior fittings, Junction box, Keypads, Keyswitches, Lamps, LED light fixtures, Light column, Light meter, Lighting, Lightning control, Lightning protection package, Limit switches, Locker buildings, Magnetic contacts, Magnetic field meter, Magnetic field meter, Magnetic field sensing, Magnetic valves, Manometer, Membrane switches, Micro switch, Microcircuit, Micro-dip, Microfan, Montage boxes, Motion sensor, Motor protector, Movement control, Multiway socket, Nesting, Opto switch, Panel meter, Pattern card, Perimeter security solutions, Piezo-electric material, Plugs, Position sensor, Power filter, Pressure sensor, Printed circuit card relay, Radio communication equipment, Radio control, Radio control system, Radio system, Regulating products, Regulators, Remote control, Remote release units, Resistors, Semiconductor relay, Sensors, Servo motors, Shielded hose, Shunt groups, Signal converters, Silicon boards, Slipring device, Socket, Socket apparatus, Softstarter, Spiral hose, Static frequency changer, Stop watch electromechanical, Stop watch mechanical, Strain gauge, Surge protection, Switched net unit, Switchregulators, Telecommunications protection, Telephone circuits, Testing equipment electricity, Thermofuses, Thermostat-bimetal, Thumb wheel, Transformers, Transient protection, UPS- systems, Wall boxes (electric cars), Work light
Hardening/heat treatment: Robotized laser hardening / heat treatment
Holding tools: Robotgripper
Industrial automation: Automation equipment, Automation system, Control system, Driverless trucks, Robot applications, Robot automation
Machines: sales: Robot spare parts, Robots
Products: Transformer
Welding: Robot welding, Robotized laser welding


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