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Ordning och reda med Hflex

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Ptec Inredningar AB / HFLEX System

Mailing address
Klockaregårds­vägen 5
33596 Kulltorp
Visiting address
Klockaregårds­vägen 5
SE-33596 Kulltorp
Jönköpings county
VAT number:
Founded: 2011
Employees: 2
Welcome to Ptec Inredningar AB/HFLEX!

Ptec Inredningar is located in Kulltorp (Gnosjö municipality), whose tradition has been long-standning in the manufacture of shop-fittings. We are a family buisness and were founded in 2011.

At the end of 2019 we acquired HFLEX-system and its brand. HFLEX was founded in 1980, under the name Hermanssons Mekaniska. In 2002 the name changed to HFLEX System AB. HFLEX develops and markets interior design systems for hose and cable.

Ptec Inredningar/HFLEX manufacutres and sells furnishings that for example handle hose, cable, wire, chain, rope timber, rubber cloth etc. to stores in iron, construction, radio/Tv, electrical trades and in marine trade. We also supply to the manufacturing industry, warehouses and material warehouses.

Our Interior Design System enables attractive exposure and creates order among products that often end up in the warehouse or lying on a shelf in a single mess.

Ptec/HFLEX Interior design system is very flexible and easy to build as needed. Our products are based on standard shop fittings cc 600-and 900 mm.

Ptec Inredningar also has a standard basic store system and manufacturers also customized display racks.

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Welcome to contact us!

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